This neat unit includes AM/FM radio, cassette and CD players with MP3 playback. SONY CFD-S70/BC CD and Tape (Recorder) with Radio- With Headphone Socket/Audio in Socket / Sleep Timer as well as AM/FM with 3 Presets Digital Display Radio - …

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Why to buy Sony 1.7W CD Cassette Boombox With Radio (CFD-S70/BC) : Impressive Sound Meets Compact Design Impressive sound meets compact design in the CFD-S70 Boombox. SONY CFD-S70/BC CD BOOMBOX (BLACK) CD BOOMBOX (BLACK) S$139. Set your music free. Thiết kế đẹp mắt. SONY CFD-S70/BC CD BOOMBOX (BLACK) Rating: 0%.

Anything you can imagine, you can make real.

item 7 Sony CFD-S70/BC FM/AM Boombox Black With Mega Bass & 30 Presets 3.5mm Jack - Sony CFD-S70/BC FM/AM Boombox Black With Mega Bass & …

It also features an AM/FM radio and aux-in audio port so you can connect your MP3 player and play your entire digital music collection at full blast. Enjoy rich audio with Mega Bass, and pre-set up to 30 radio stations with three one-touch favourites. Be the first to review this product . IP112044.

Rating: 0%. 00.

See Bundle Options. 00. Round up your old collection of CDs and cassettes and crank them to full volume on this Sony CFD-S70 stereo CD boombox. Khám phá Đầu phát CD/Cát-xét tích hợp Radio của Sony và tìm hiểu các tính năng, giá cả và nơi mua CFD-S70/BC SP5
S$139. Set the sleep-timer to automatically switch off the radio when you’re ready to call it a day. Impressive sound meets compact design in the CFD-S70 Boombox.

b>Sony CFD-S70 (czarny).Sony CFD-S 70 CD-Soundsystem Schwarz CD-PlayerStel de Sleep Timer in om de radio automatisch uit te schakelen als u gaat slapen.. Sony CFD-S70 and ICF-SW11 Unboxing. Sony - Online | New Zealand - Shop online website for electronic products: LCD & LED TVs, tablets, smartphones, DSLR & compact digital cameras, headphones and home entertainment systems. SKU.

Cassette Sony CFD-S70/BC thiết kế dạng xách tay đẹp mắt với kích thước nhỏ gọn mang đến sự sang trọng cho không gian của bạn đồng thời tiện lợi hơn cho bạn khi mang theo.. Thoải mái phát nhạc. Only 0 left .

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